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The Rigamonti Group is made up of different Companies operating in an independent and autonomous way in similar market areas, and this allows the Group to have a particularly wide and complete proficiency. Its structure, particularly dynamic, appears to be one of the few realities in the market to be able to assess and enhance the value of its resources at its best, consequently meeting with high quality the different needs of its own clients.
Especially interesting is the reciprocity and the absolute cohesion of the various components of the Group. Through Rigamonti Real Estate and Rigamonti Re Agency, the Group is able to manage the entire market segment devoted to consulting and marketing of Real Estate assets. Through Rigamonti Properties and Rigamonti Construction, vanguard investments and achievements are enhanced. Last but not least, through the work of Rigamonti Mediafin, in addition to primary Partners belonging to the Insurance field, the Group is able to meet the specific needs of each transaction

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